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Michael J Pope Jr.

Michael Pope, The Coach's Tech Guy, is certified at the highest level as an International Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach and serves on the marketing faculty for Leadership Author and Expert John C. Maxwell. He also holds certifications in DISC Behavioral Analysis, Neuroencoding, and Virtual Presenting. In 2021, he received one of ten prestigious John Maxwell Culture Awards, being selected out of 35,000 coaches in 160 countries.


After over 20 years as an IT Professional, Michael J. Pope Jr had a personal realization. He was the definition of traditional success but was missing deeper meaning in his life. The longtime I.T. Professional had observed that the biggest issues in the workplace had nothing to do with technology, and thus sought training to help him go from Software developer to people developer.


That training took the form of rigorous certifications from some of the world's most renowned experts in the field, including best-selling Leadership author John C. Maxwell, and famous Neuropsychologist Dr. Joseph McClendon III.  Michael not only became certified at the highest levels in their organizations but also accelerated into faculty and teaching positions within both, winning him prestigious awards and recognition.


Since then he has made it his mission to help organizations and individuals overcome their technology challenges, as well as their leadership and management challenges, using proven tools and approaches to achieve both.


As CEO of Michael Pope Training, LLC, he has delivered hundreds of successful presentations and workshops while still holding his high-level position in I.T. In fact, he finds significant satisfaction in helping others embrace the power of technology, without being overwhelmed or stressed out, earning him the nickname: The Coach's Tech Guy


Most importantly, Michael has been happily married to his wife Sonya for over 26 years and together they enjoy raising their three sons in Ohio. When Michael is not troubleshooting tech or training leaders, you can find him focusing on his fitness, investing in his faith, or watching superhero movies with his sons.

My Mentors

Joseph McClendon III

Joseph McClendon III, PhD, Founder and Lead Instructor of the Neuroencoding Institute. Joseph McClendon III has a Doctorate in Neuropsychology and is one of the most sought after Ultimate Performance Specialists in the industry. Having coached Academy Award winning actors, Olympic athletes, Fortune 100 CEOs and even royalty, Joseph has perfected the ability to create rapid personal change that effectively moves people to take more consistent action with their personal and business achievements.

I joined Neuroencoding in April 2021 as an instructor

John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than 30 million books, has been identified as the #1 leader in business by the American Management Association® and the world’s most influential leadership expert by Business Insider and Inc. magazine.

I joined the Maxwell Team in November 2019 and was asked to join Faculty in January 2021.

Speaker Bio 1st Person

Hello! I'm Michael J. Pope Jr, an IT Professional with over 20 years of experience, but my journey goes beyond technology. Recognizing the deeper challenges in the workplace, I evolved from a Software Developer to a People Developer.

My pursuit of personal growth led me to rigorous certifications from experts like John C. Maxwell and Dr. Joseph McClendon III. My dedication earned me the highest levels of certification, faculty positions, awards, and recognition.

As the CEO of Michael Pope Training, LLC, I've become a sought-after speaker, delivering hundreds of presentations and workshops. My mission? To empower you and your organization to overcome technology and leadership challenges with proven tools and innovative approaches.

Known as "The Coach's Tech Guy," I find joy in demystifying technology, helping others embrace its power without stress. My blend of technical expertise and human-centric focus has resonated with audiences everywhere.

Outside of work, I cherish my happy marriage of over 26 years, raising my three sons in Ohio, focusing on fitness, investing in faith, and enjoying superhero movies with my family.

I invite you to your next event. Let me inspire your audience with insights into technology, leadership, and personal growth. My presentations aren't just about solving tech problems; they're about unlocking human potential. Let's connect!