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Maxwell Transformation Tables

In the MTP, John C. Maxwell’s Transformation Tables’ content gathers individuals around leadership values, in an effort to learn and experience personal growth. The process doesn’t end with learning values. Values are paired with Action for Transformation to occur.

Global Transformation

The Maxwell Leadership Foundation (MLF) partners with heads of state and leaders of countries to introduce a movement for Transformation. How does Transformation happen? A Transformational movement that can impact a country occurs in five ways. To illustrate the five ways, John C. Maxwell has developed a five picture illustration: a Waterfall: Top-Down-It Requires Leadership, a Ladder: Bottom Up-It Encourages Mobility, a Heart: Inside-Out-It Embraces Values, Joined Hands: Side by Side-It Desires Partnerships, a Table: For Many-It Enables Growth, and a Bridge: Here to There-It leads to Transformation. This model provides the design principles for our country transformation initiative.