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Michael Pope "The Coach's Tech Guy'

Are you looking for a unique perspective on technology, leadership, and personal growth for your podcast? Look no further than Michael J. Pope Jr., the Coach's Tech Guy. With over two decades of experience in the IT industry and a successful career transition into leadership coaching, Michael offers a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experiences. His journey from software developer to people developer is not just inspirational, but also packed with teachable moments for your listeners. 

Invite Michael to your show and let him share his insights on overcoming technological challenges, embracing leadership roles, and balancing professional success with personal fulfillment. Your listeners will benefit from his practical advice and motivational journey.

Don't miss this chance to add a fresh, engaging voice to your podcast. Contact us today to schedule Michael J. Pope Jr. for your next episode!


Join me for a short but impactful presentation unveiling the CASH marketing model for coaching businesses. In just 15 minutes, I'll explain the key principles of Capturing Attention, Amplifying Value, Spotlighting Transformation, and Helping your clients succeed.

You'll learn actionable strategies to craft compelling offers, convey your core values, share client success stories, and provide ongoing support. I'll share real examples and tips you can implement right away to attract more ideal clients.

If you're ready to take your marketing to the next level by focusing on grabbing attention, building desire, and driving conversions, you won't want to miss this session. In just 15 minutes, you'll gain a clear blueprint for marketing success with the powerful CASH model.

Further Faster with Dr. Joseph McClendon III:

Welcome to Further Faster with Dr. Joseph McClendon III: Marketing In Confidence with "The Coach's Tech Guy" - Michael J. Pope Jr. for Tuesday, September 13th 2022:

🎙 Tech overwhelm is all too real for many entrepreneurs, and today Joseph sits down with Michael J. Pope Jr., “The Coach’s Tech Guy,” who made a massive shift in his career to become a guide & mentor to anyone looking to show up on social media and elsewhere with a confidently executed marketing strategy. Michael is an International John C Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer, & Coach, a certified DISC Behavioral Analysis Trainer, the Head Instructor of Marketing Technology for the Neuroencoding Institute & the CEO of Michael Pope Training! 👨‍💻🤔

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Freedom To Express Your Brand

I had the pleasure of joining host Nicole Simmons on the Take Action Podcast to discuss expressing your brand with freedom. I explained how I was initially reluctant to merge my tech background with coaching, but the pandemic created a need for virtual services that played to my strengths. I embraced my niche as the "coach's tech guy" and now help speakers and coaches implement systems to attract ideal clients without tech overwhelm.

Nicole and I dove into practical tips for developing your brand authentically, like studying what you admire in other successful coaches and incorporating it into your own style. We discussed the importance of giving yourself the freedom to fail, engaging your audience for feedback, and having coaches to see what you can't alone. I emphasized that women often worry about others' opinions and offered scheduling content in advance as a way to overcome hesitation. The conversation was filled with encouragement and advice on taking steps to express your unique brand with confidence.

Creating Purpose with Pao

The show "Creating Purpose with Pao" is hosted by Paola on Spanglish World Network & H.E.R. Network Channels 250 & 251. The TV app is available on Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TVC, Roku, Roku sticks, and all smart TVs from 2016 and forward.

Michael Pope Jr. talks about the concept of DOER, where D stands for discipline, O is opportunity focused, E stands for executing a proven plan, and R represents personal responsibility.

If you're terrified to speak in public, WATCH THIS! | Michael J. Pope Jr. Interview

Michael J. Pope Jr. recounts his early fear of public speaking, a fear so crippling that he could not even speak at his beloved grandfather's funeral. He details his personal journey, going from an introverted child who was often spoken for by others, to missing out on opportunities due to his hesitancy to express himself.

The Leader's Edge Radio Show

Seven Figure Builder Podcast

Michael Pope has discovered the powerful intersection of passion and expertise. By combining his love of technology with his skill in coaching others, he has created a career that feels more like a calling than a job. As “The Coach’s Tech Guy,” Michael gets to spend each day helping coaches leverage tools to build their businesses and better serve their clients.

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The Keynote

Dr. Karim Ellis and the incredible Leadership Expert Gene Baker. The Keynote Live is truly a space celebrating speakers from around the world. Tonight's special guest Michael J. Pope and Dr. Alisa Whyte.

Born To Prosper Interview

The Born to Prosper Summit is bringing together a stellar lineup of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who have discovered the secrets of creating wealth God's way. Together, we will learn from experts in business, ministry, finance, and more! 💼🙏

"The Coach's Tech Guy." on "Unlocking Freedom In Nature and Art"

In this video, Michael Pope, known as "The Coach's Tech Guy," discusses the importance of embracing technology for solopreneurs and coaches. He offers advice on hiring help or learning to make technology easier through repeatable processes. He also shares his personal journey of overcoming self-esteem issues and the impact of personal development. Additionally, he demonstrates the use of AI for transcription and content summarization.

Self Confidence and Personal Growth

Michael Pope, a self-confidence and personal development coach, shared his journey from an introverted individual with low confidence to a successful coach on Johnny Pardo's podcast. Pope's transformative journey began when an entrepreneur introduced him to the book "The Magic of Thinking Big" which introduced him to personal development and concepts like affirmations and goal setting. Adopting a more positive language and attitude, he sought out personal development mentors like John Maxwell. Pope emphasized the power of investing in oneself and consistently applying learned knowledge. He also discussed the importance of celebrating one's achievements and understanding one's strengths and weaknesses. Pope advised listeners to have a personal growth plan, celebrate their progress, and emphasized the role of positive role models and mentors in personal development.

Developing The Leader Within 2.0 / Chapter 7. The Heart of Leadership: Serving People

In the interview, Michael Pope, discusses his inspiration for becoming a 'servant leader' based on the example set by his grandfather, Joe. In 2020, he established Michael Pope Training, where he leverages his IT background to help others navigate technology for effective coaching, speaking, and business.

Inspiring Action: A Conversation with The Coach's Tech Guy

From A Dreamer to a DOER with Michael Pope Jr. | S2 E10 | Thoughts & Testimonies

This episode of the Thoughts & Testimonies podcast features inspirational speaker Michael Pope Jr. In this conversation with host Maya, Michael shares his journey from being paralyzed by fear and impostor syndrome to becoming a confident speaker, coach, and trainer. He discusses overcoming excuses, moving from dreamer to doer, identifying your target audience, and using your voice to inspire others. Michael emphasizes having faith in God's plan, eliminating excuses, and taking personal responsibility to step into your calling. He encourages listeners to let go of perfectionism, focus on your strengths, and share your unique voice and testimony. Overall, the episode is about finding purpose and empowering yourself and others.

Embracing Technology - Get Into Flow Podcast

Purpose: Finding A Way To Serve Is The Key To Success

Potential Questions To Ask Michael Pope

  • How did you transition from being a software developer to a people developer?
  • Can you share a challenging experience you faced during your transition from IT to leadership coaching?
  • How do the principles of IT apply to coaching and speaking?
  • What was the most valuable lesson you learned from John C. Maxwell and Dr. Joseph McClendon III?
  • How do you balance your position in IT with your role as CEO of Michael Pope Training, LLC?
  • What is the most common technological challenge that individuals and organizations face, and how do you help them overcome it?
  • How do you help coaches and speakers embrace the power of technology without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out?
  • What's the story behind your nickname, "The Coach's Tech Guy"?
  • How do you balance your professional life with personal commitments to fitness, faith, and family?
  • What is your favorite superhero movie and why? Does it relate in any way to your life philosophy?
  • What advice do you have for someone feeling stuck in their career and looking to pivot to a different path?
  • How has your approach to leadership and management evolved over the years?
  • Can you share some common leadership challenges that organizations face and how you help them navigate these challenges?
  • How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms like ChatGPT, Bard and JasperAI benefit coaches and speakers?

Create Your Victorious Life With Cindy

Michael Pope shared his journey to creating a victorious life, overcoming severe anxiety about public speaking to become an acclaimed speaker and author. Through rigorous training, repeatedly stepping outside his comfort zone, and embracing feedback, Pope transformed from terrified introvert to confident keynote speaker.

Guiding principles like adding value first and exceeding expectations fuel Pope's success in work, family, and relationships. He stresses family togetherness with nightly Bible study and uplifting words. Pope recently authored a book spawned from a keynote, using AI to organize content but maintaining his voice. He joined the John Maxwell organization in 2019 and rapidly rose to faculty, earning top awards. Pope exemplifies persevering to live out one's calling, saying it's never too late to step into your purpose. Through discipline and faith, Pope created a victorious life and now helps others do the same.

Moving From Alive To Thrive

This program will focus on how to re energize your approach to life by better understanding your vision, challenges, successes, and immediate needs. Eric is passionate for education and personal success. He wants to help as many as he can to move from good to great, from great to extraordinary.

Muxiang Pajerski: Be A Light

I am grateful for the many inspirational individuals, both near and far, who light up my journey. Determined to be a source of inspiration for others, I present "Be A Light." This program features exceptional individuals whose paths have intersected with mine, bringing immense inspiration and support. They are my guiding lights, and I hope their stories illuminate your path too.

In this episode, I interviewed Michael Pope, The Coach's Tech Guy, who is certified at the highest level as an International Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.